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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

  • Chevron OML 91 (Ekura-B) and OML 89 (Esse-A)

    Ecological Seabed Survey

    Chevron Nigeria Limited proposed to carry out exploratory and appraisal drilling operations in OML 89 and 90.

    In order to minimise the impact of such operations on the environment, CNL contracted EnvironQuest to appraise the Ekura and Esse Wells to determine the water quality of the wells, and collect seabed information on the wells.

    The Department of Petroluem Resources (DPR) requires such a study to be conducted. This is also in with CNL’s Operational Execellence (OE) policy.

    EnvironQuest was contracted by Chevron Nigeria Limited to conduct a pre-drilling seabed survey to provide detailed baseline information as a pre-assessment of the project site before the envisaged environmental impacts of drilling activities on the seabed.

  • Oando Retail and Logistics Assets in Nigeria

    Environmental Due Diligence

    EnvironQuest conducted a high level environmental due diligence of Oando Fuel Retail and Logistics Facilities in Nigeria. A systemic approach was used to assess the environmental liabilities prior to the acquisition of the assets by a private client. Document review, field work and reporting was conducted to advice the financier before transaction completion.

  • Shell OML 30, 42 and 59

    Phase I Environmental Audit

    EnvironQuest conducted an environmental audit of Shell Assets (OML 30, 42 & 59) in Nigeria. A systemic approach was adopted to assess the environmental liabilities prior to the acquisition of some blocks by a private client. Document review, field work and reporting was conducted to advice the financier before transaction completion.

    Waste Management Facilities: Environmental Evaluation Studies (EES)

    EnvironQuest carried out an EES of SPDC facilities at Ogunu Recyclable Waste Depot, Ughelli West Engineered Dumpsite and Jeddo Composting Facility. The study aim was to ascertain and assess all environmental aspects and impacts resulting from the operations of these facilities.

    Environmental Studies Services Contract (ESSC)

    Shell Nigeria contracted EnvironQuest to provide environmental studies services to support her Eastern and Western operations. EnvironQuest determined the baseline conditions of the natural, social and health aspects of the environment, the extent and magnitude of pollution from site activities, the nature and extent of impact of proposed activities on the environment including socio-economic impacts. EnvironQuest also developed an environmental management plan, conducted public consultations and panel reviews of the report.

  • Statoil Bilah and NnwaDoro Fields

    Preliminary HSE Assessment

    The study provided an understanding of the health, socio-economic and environmental related issues in relation to the development of the two fields. The scope included update description of the environment (physical, biological and socioeconomic); the permitting procedure; risks evaluation and an evaluation of the need for additional baseline data. It also updated the findings from previously performed impact assessments.

  • West African Gas Pipeline

    Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

    EnvironQuest scientist worked with ICF Consulting to conduct Environmental and Socioeconomic Impact Assessments and subsequently produce the EIA/SIA reports for the onshore and offshore pipeline component of the WAGP. The proposed pipeline will deliver natural gas from Nigeria to Benin, Togo, and Ghana.

    Environmental Baseline Surveys (EBS) of the shorelines and impacted areas were conducted in each country; stakeholder consultations were held on regular basis; and impact assessments, mitigation and monitoring measures, health and safety plans, and environmental management plans were made for each country.

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  • Nigeria Solar Capital Partners 100MW Solar Power Plant

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

    EnvironQuest conducted environmental assessment for the proposed 100MW Solar Power Plant and 18km Transmission Line within Ganjuwa area of Bauchi, North-West Nigeria. Environmental baseline surveys was conducted and impact assessments, mitigation and monitoring measures, health and safety plans, and environmental management plans were developed.

    A Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) was also developed to provide detailed information on project affected persons (PAPs) in compliance with the regulations of the Government of Nigeria and the Operational Policies of the World Bank OP 4.01 and OP 4.12.

  • Power Holding Company of Nigeria Shomolu GIS

    GIS mapping and MIS analysis

    The PHCN required an enterprise GIS system to enhance the operational capabilities of its Shomolu Business Unit. EnvironQuest deployed an effective system, based on ESRI’s ArcGIS, by creating a consumer database, mapping the sub-transmission and distribution network, designing and developing an MIS to analyse and reduce ATC losses, and providing training and equipment for the project office.

  • West African Power Pool (WAPP)

    Environmental Assessment Guidelines Development

    EnvironQuest was contracted to carry out this project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The objective of the project was to assist participating member states, national utility companies and other stakeholders in preparing, conducting and evaluating Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) with respect to the national and regional electrification projects; particularly those dealing with the construction and operation of transmission lines, thermal power generation units, and hydropower dams and plants.

    The project involved review of standard EIA procedures for electric power industry; EIA requirement of multi-lateral lending agencies (World Bank, IFC and AfDB); the existing institutional framework in the individual ECOWAS member states and the development of an EIA Guidelines for the WAPP electrical installations covering transmission lines, hydropower and thermal generation plants.

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Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

  • Lagos State Metropolitan Development and Governance Project

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

    Lagos State and the World Bank created the Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Project (LMDGP) to solve the problems of low waste collection and indiscriminate dumping of waste along with its associated health and environmental hazards. The LMDGP proposed a new infrastructure that involved constructing two transfer loading stations, upgrading one landfill site, clearing refuse heaps, and constructing landfill gas capture systems.

    EnvironQuest was contracted to conduct an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the solid waste component because of our reputation for excellence and our longstanding experience with the World Bank's Safeguards and Policies.

    Our ESIA included legal and regulatory procedures and policies, maps of the study area, aerial photographs, socio-economic surveys, landfill gas capture and leachate generation estimates, and environmental media sampling showing the baseline conditions for air, noise, soil, groundwater, and vegetation.

    In addition, EnvironQuest developed an Environmental and Social Management Plan and proposed a resettlement action plan (RAP) for people affected socioeconomically, mitigating their loss of livelihood and helping our client adhere to World Bank Safeguard Policies. Once we completed the ESIA, we held stakeholder's consultations and workshops to review findings and incorporate stakeholder concerns.

    Our ESIA study was approved by the Federal Ministry of the Environment and the World Bank, which has allowed the LMDGP to make great strides in improving Lagos' waste problems, through dumpsite closure, rehabilitation and improved management and coordination of dumpsite activities.

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Public Health

Public Health

  • Avian Influenza Control Project (AICP)

    Medical Waste and Carcass Disposal Management Plan

    EnvironQuest developed the National Medical Waste Management Plan for medical wastes and Avian Influenza infected carcasses for the Human Health component of the Nigerian AICP. The plan will ensure environmental and social sound disposal of infectious/ hazardous medical waste and AI infected carcasses to prevent the further spread of communicable diseases (e.g. AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis B etc) and Avian Flu.

  • Environmental Management Plan

    EnvironQuest developed an Environmental Management Plan for Carcass Disposal under the Animal Health component of the Nigerian AICP. The EMP provides a framework for mitigation of adverse environmental and social impacts during carcass disposal. the plan included guidelines for choosing carcass disposal methods and provides details for monitoring and supervision. It also specifies institutional strengthening and training requirements.

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

    EnvironQuest deployed a GIS using ArcGIS software at the National Avian Influenza Control Project Office, to enhance the capacity of the Project Office to promptly respond and manage animal and public health emergencies.

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Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management

  • National Fadama Development Office Ajasse Ipo Watershed Catchment Project

    Environmental Baseline Survey

    The survey was designed to capture the existing social and environmental status of the Ajasse-Ipo Watershed Catchments area prior to the proposed Global Environment Fund (GEF) intervention, especially on land use, land and water management. With the baseline information available, project impacts will be captured, assessed, measured and evaluated.

  • National Fadama Development Office Sanmora Forest Management Project

    Environmental Baseline Survey

    EnvironQuest conducted a baseline survey of Sanmora Forest to provide data/information for the preparation of a management plan that will serve as a guide for the sustainable management of the Sanmora Forest by the community, using a community based forest management approach. The study provided basis for support in the application of the provisions of the forest policy.

    Specifically, EnvironQuest carried out:

    • Survey of the boundary of Sanmora forest reserve to establish its extent and produced an up to date map.
    • Determination of the level of dependence of the fringe communities on the forest for livelihood and the impact of their activities on the health and integrity of the forest ecosystem.
    • Delineation of the reserve into management units (sub-compartments) of sizes between ten to twenty hectares inclusively.
    • Assessment (inventory) of the forest reserve to determine tree species composition, distribution, quality and quantity.
    • Assessment of the occurrence of fauna species in the reserve.
    • Identification and qualification of the occurrence of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in the reserve and quantification of the availability of the five most valuable NTFPs to the community.
    • Identification of capacity building and empowerment needs of the community to manage the forest.
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  • Science and Technology Education Post-Basic (STEP-B) Project

    Environmental and Social Management Framework

    The World Bank contracted EnvironQuest to develop the STEP-B Project ESMF to support the Government of Nigeria in improving the quality and relevance of science and technology (S&T) programmes offered at federal tertiary and research institutions, increase access for the disadvantage target groups (rural and female students) and establish an effective Public Private Partnership for S&T related programmes. The objectives of the ESMF were to assess the potential environmental and social impact of the sub-projects (rehabilitation, construction, etc), propose mitigation measures, and establish procedures for environmental and social screening of sub-projects.

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  • Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja

    Environmental and Social Audit

    EnvironQuest was contracted by IFC (World Bank Group) to conduct the Environmental and Social Audit of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja. The goal of the audit was to provide detailed information about the current environmental condition of the Abuja Airport and its surrounding, and to identify potential liabilities arising from the environmental management of the property. The audit report was part of the information made available to prospective bidders during their due diligence.

    EnvironQuest also investigated existing and potential social issues through public consultations and focus group discussion to address concerns of the neighbouring population and assess the effects of identified pollution (groundwater, water, soil etc) on human health.

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Urban & Infrastructural Development

Urban & Infrastructural Development

  • AFD/Lagos State Slum Upgrading Project

    Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study

    EnvironQuest, in consortium with Groupe Huit and Naldeo, was contracted by the AFD to conduct a feasibility study for updrading two slums in Lagos State – Bariga and Amukoko. The feasibility study comprises urban renewal activities, solid waste management activities, and program management activities. The study includes a slum development plan, a facility development program, and a program operational manual, capacity building plan, financial and economic assessment, risk management strategy, and an environmental and social sustainability analysis.

  • Lagos Metropolitan Development Project

    ESIA and Resettlement Policy Framework

    EnvironQuest conducted the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and subsequently produced the ESIA reports for the drainage rehabilitation component of the LMDP in 9 slums (Agege, Ijeshatedo/Itire, Ajegunle, Amukoko, Badia, Bariga, Ilaje, Iwaya & Makoko) in Lagos, Nigeria.

    The Resettlement Policy Framework covers the physical and economic displacement anticipated from this and other components of the LMDP. The overall objective of the project is to improve the existing infrastructure within the state and reduce the recurrent incidence of flooding in Lagos State.

  • Liberia Emergency Infrastructure Project

    Environmental Management Plan and Resettlement Action Plan

    The environmental management plan (EMP) was developed for the urban works (rehabilitation of public toilets, repair of sewers, and collection of accumulated solid wastes and repair of market building) component of the Emergency Infrastructure Project – Supplemental Component. The Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) was developed to provide detailed information on the project affected persons (PAPs). It specifies actions to be taken to mitigate adverse effects compensate losses and provide development benefits to persons and communities affected by the project. The EMP and RAP was in compliance with the regulations of the Government of Liberia and the Operational Policies of the World Bank OP 4.01 and OP 4.12.

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  • NNPC Automotive Cassava to Ethanol and SugarCane-to-Ethanol Programmes

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

    The environmental assessment of Okeluse proposed site in Ondo State for an integrated cassava plantation and ethanol distilling plant was awarded to EnvironQuest by NNPC/Accenture. The assessment required an environmental baseline survey to determine existing conditions at the site, consultation with stakeholders on a regular basis, and identification and assessment of likely impacts on the environment. EnvironQuest successfully conducted the investigations which required site visits, data gathering, sampling and analysis, and impact determination. EnvironQuest also proposed impact mitigation and monitoring measures, health and safety plans and an environmental management plan for the construction and operational phases of the project.

    In furtherance of its renewable energy programme, NNPC proposed to develop Sugarcane to Ethanol plants in Gombe and Benue States. Through Accenture, the ESIA was contracted to EnvironQuest in compliance with national environmental laws for such Greenfield projects. EnvironQuest successfully drafted the project proposal and registered it with the FMEnv, conducted the baseline survey, assessed the environmental and social impacts, conducted public meetings to review the findings of the report, analysed all project alternatives, developed mitigation and monitoring measures for potential impacts identified, and developed an environmental and social management plan to be implemented during construction and operation.

  • Nigerian Breweries

    Stack Emission Monitoring

    EnvironQuest conducted stack emission sampling for industrial boilers and power generating plants at the Nigeria Breweries Facilities. Emission measurement was carried out in compliance with the Federal Ministry of Environment (FMOE) and relevant international standards to analyze the concentration of various pollutants in the flue gas.

  • FertAfric Ammnia Urea Production Project

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

    EnvironQuest conducted environmental assessment for the proposed Ammonia Urea plant. Environmental baseline surveys was conducted and impact assessments, mitigation and monitoring measures, health and safety plans, and environmental management plans were developed.

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